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Time is showing a growing development of skepticism about the official version of 9/11. The experts contributing to this book have conducted their own research into this seminal event that the Bush administration has used to subvert civil liberties, conduct preemptive wars, and bring the world perilously closer to chaos.

And I suppose we didn't go to the moon, either?: The Beatles, the Holocaust, and other mass illusions (Save the World, Resist the Empire) by James Fetzer

"I can't put the book: 'And I Suppose We Didn't go to the Moon, Either' down. Jim Fetzer and the other contributors are brilliant and courageous for writing this book. Each chapter is thoroughly researched and referenced, and the logic concise and compelling. To be able to step outside the bounds of convention in the service of truth is rare in a world where both academics and journalists are often more concerned these days with careerism than path breaking which challenges authority and conventional reality in such a dramatic way. I feel we are living in a time where it is more difficult and dangerous to tell dramatic truths than it has been in most of my fifty years of lifetime..."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon

9/11 Conspiracy The Scamming of America by James Fetzer

"This book provides a responsible look at the science that points to a massive cover-up of U.S. insider involvement in the explosions at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I've tried to tell friends about this, but they always say that I'm a "conspiracy theorist". Using what I've learned in this book, I then work to put THEM on the defensive, saying that they need to look at the evidence, and then challenge the EVIDENCE, rather than start in on name calling."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon