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Webster Tarpley is an American author, journalist, historian and lecturer. He's been to Princeton University, he's a Fulbright Scholar and he's got a Ph.D. in early modern history.

Since 2006, Tarpley has been hosting a show called World Crisis Radio. He was featured in the film, Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11 (2007–2008).

Lets see what else, Tarpley is also a critic of the Dalai Lama, how's that for a leading 9/11 Truth scholar?

9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA

The authoritative work on 9/11 and state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. This new, fifth edition reveals a whole new dimension of explosive facts for the first time: the enormous array of drills in which the US defense apparatus rehearsed every aspect of the 9/11 operation.

Author Webster Tarpley presents the corpus of 9/11 research - such as the controlled demolition of the three WTC towers - from the perspective of a veteran intelligence expert and historian.

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA by Webster Tarpley

"...This book is a veritable encyclopedia of 9/11, ...

Until citizens have the courage to question the inconsistencies and physical impossibilities of the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001, we will never be able to effectively resist the systematic undermining of our constitutional rights, the ongoing consolidation of a totalitarian apparatus of domestic spying, or the disastrous wars that have been and will be based on this monstrous myth.

9/11 Synthetic Terror is essential reading to expose the "Myth of the 21st Century" and reclaim our democracy from the vicious tyrants who have usurped it."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

"Tarpley's massive and insightgful history of the rise of the Bush family to power and prominence - should be required reading for every high school (yeah - PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL) American history course - as it is for every sincere student of our nation's destiny - and yet, we may likely die dreaming that it someday will be. Well, if we can't seemingly do anything about the problem - at the least, we can get educated about what really happened in America over the past century - and why."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon