The Ripple Effect by William Lewis

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Posted by This is a special edit from director William Lewis including the integration of two previously deleted scenes.

"9/11 didn't happen the way the corporately controlled media told us it did. It was planned and executed by elements within our own govt, possibly with help from Mossad.

Von Kleist does a great job of laying out the damning evidence and, through slow-mo video of the towers being hit, demonstrates how aluminum planes were able to slice through the steel columns circling the towers. Slo-mo video of the so-called collapses makes it abundantly evident that we are witnessing explosions precisely timed to ripple down the towers from top to bottom. You can see individual explosions going off along the advancing front of the line of destruction down the tower.

Who you gonna believe, the govt or your lying eyes? "

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon