Books written by William Engdahl

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Engdahl's newest book is just out from Global Research: "Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation" and subject of this review. It's the diabolical story of how Washington and four Anglo-American agribusiness giants plan world domination by patenting life forms to gain worldwide control of our food supply and why that prospect is chilling.

Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl

"Engdahl lays bare the partnership between government, the major foundations and the agribusiness industry in their eternal quest for global domination with extensive citations, tying it all together well. The Rockefellers do not shine with this exposure. This book is a sobering analysis of the situation we are facing with respect to destruction of the globe's biodiversity and the indigenous and cultural knowledge of how to feed ourselves, all for the sake of a scheme to lock in profits by a handful of corporations and a government that works on their behalf."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon

Myths, Lies and Oil Wars by William Engdahl

""Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars" by William F. Engdahl is a must read for anyone struggling to make sense of U.S. foreign policy. Why are U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why did NATO take out Gaddafi? Why are we going after Iran and Syria? Is there a grand strategy? Was the "Arab Spring" uprisings really grassroots revolutions or just a second round of color revolutions?"

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon

Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century by William Engdahl

"William Engdahl's books should have two Cautions; the first, don't start this book unless you have enough time on your hands to finish the book. When you first start reading "Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century" you are quickly engrossed in the main subject of the book, "The power that Wall Street exerts over Washington and even the whole world."

"Gods of Money" is difficult to put down. Each chapter seems to be more revealing than the next. It begins with a not too distant history that predates the Federal Reserve and traces things up to current times. The book is very enlightening regarding the history of power, the way it evolved and how it continues to influence our lives currently."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon