Books written by Georg Ritschl

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Find out and join the Orgone Revolution. There is a growing number of people from all around the world embarking on peaceful revolution to bring about environmental healing. Must read material for people interested in holistic healing and the marriage of advanced science and the mystical.

This book is also for those who are concerned with plans by TPTB, The Powers That Be, to bring about a centralized global Orwellian Superstate by means of subterfuge and war. The central message of this book is, together we can create paradise.

Effective Environmental Healing With Orgone Energy by Georg Ritschl

"3 years ago my Dad lent me this book. A week after reading it I was inspired to start making my own orgonite, and I have not looked back since. It really opened my eyes up to what I had the ability to achieve with such a small investment of resin, metal shavings and crystals. There isn't a more effective way (or simpler way, for that matter) to fight the powers that be, and this book will inspire you to do your part. "

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon