Books written by Jerry Smith

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Mother Nature Has Been Drafted! Floods, Droughts, Tsunamis, Hurricanes & Volcanic Eruptions -- Weapons of the Future "Or Today? This book lays bare the grim facts of who is doing it and why. Smith puts these technologies into context by examining the geopolitical conflicts that are driving their development from Globalization and the rise of Neo-Con Neo-Fascism to terrorism and "Peak Oil."

Weather Warfare by Jerry Smith

"This book is amazing. The information in is very thought provoking. The opening quote by a top government official on how the US needs to participate in biological and environmental warfare is shocking, except for those of us who know what the US Gov't has done in the past (i.e. 9/11 was an inside job). It explains in detail ways that the US has attempted to manipulate weather and earthquakes in the past and desires to do so with even greater effort in the future. HAARP is a sci-fi style weapon that will likely be secretly used against the American people by their own government."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon by Jerry Smith

"HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy advances the thesis that, at a moment of "their" choosing, HAARP will be capable of causing mischief on a scale we would only expect from God. The 256-page book is filled with photos and schematics which give the reader a clear sense of HAARP, how it evolved from the electrochemical genius of Nicola Tesla and how it will be used to subdue populations of people.

The government's official line is that HAARP technology is being developed to enhance communications capabilities and has a few other benign applications. Smith and Dr. Begich agree that to believe that this powerful technology will not be used to further military and political agendas is naive."

taken from the Comments Section on Amazon